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IBCLCs are allied health professionals with extensive education and hands-on experience caring for breastfeeding families. IBCLCs assist families with breastfeeding problems and conditions affecting the infant and/ or the mother. Most families require 1-3 visits depending on the presenting problems. Lactation visits typically last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. 

Elements of a Lactation Visit

  • Review the medical history of the mother including pregnancy and birth, and the newborn infant including feeding information.

  • Physical assessment of the mother including breasts and nipples.

  • Physical assessment of the baby including weight check, sucking ability and observing a feeding. Make sure the baby is ready to feed at the time of the visit. 

  • Review of social and emotional issues related to health and infant care and feeding, including plans for employment. 

  • Provision of an assessment and plan to remedy the problem(s).

  • Documentation of the visit and a reporting to your primary healthcare providers. 

  • Refer to your primary healthcare providers or other specialists as needed.


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