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For parents, if you are experiencing problems

or concerns with breastfeeding, you are not alone.

Getting help soon will allow breastfeeding to continue. 

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Breastfeeding problems happen to most families with newborns, especially in the first two weeks after birth and can continue through 60 days. These problems cause worry for families and result in urgent healthcare visits.

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Clinical lactation care from International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) is essential for the majority of breastfeeding families to overcome these problems.

Mothers stopp breastfeeding because they are worried about their babies, specifically how the feed at the breast or that they are not getting enough milk.

Mothers also worry that they don’t know how to breastfeed correctly or because they are sick or nursing is painful.

The most commonly reported concerns are:

  • My baby has trouble sucking or latching on

  • I don’t have enough milk

  • My breast milk alone dosn't satisfy my baby

  • I have trouble getting the milk flow to start

  • I think my baby is not gaining enough weight

  • A health professional said my baby is not gaining enough weight

  • My nipples are sore, cracked, or bleeding

  • Breastfeeding is too painful

  • My breasts are overfull or engorged

  • My breasts are infected or abscessed

  • I am sick and I need to take medicine

  • Pumping milk doesn't seem worth the effort that is required

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